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Old Paint Can Disposal Service

Henry’s Paint Hauling Service of Pasadena, CA offers an eco-friendly solution for disposing of paint cans. Our team strives to provide exceptional service to meet your needs. If you have accumulated old paint cans in your garage, we can help. Our comprehensive services include picking up your old paint cans, loading and hauling, as well as junk and rubbish removal.

We offer affordable rates, SAME_DAY SERVICE is available!

What we Remove

Household Chemicals, Cleaners, Batteries, Tires/Oil, Pesticides, Paints, Aerosols & More!

Old Paint pickup and removal

Contractors often generate a lot of leftover paint and empty paint cans that need to be disposed of properly. Our paint hauling services ensure the old cans and waste is disposed of safely and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Commercial RUBBISH Services

We clear cleaning solutions, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and more from commercial properties, restaurants, offices, and Industrial complexes. We ensure the waste is removed quickly and safely, without risking harming their tenants or the environment.


Not only junk cars but also we can dispose of old car batteries and batteries in genera, for recyclingl. We cater to contractors, homeowners, management companies, real estate agencies, and even movie production companies. Contact us for any inquiries.

Home Garage / STORAGE CleaR

Call Henry’s Paint Hauling services today, we remove a wide array of old pesticide containers, including insect repellants, lawn care products, weed removal products, tree care treatments, etc. Clear out the storage, anything that needs to be thrown away can benefit from our rubbish removal services.

Tires/Oil Garbage Removal

Our Paint Hauling Pasadena service removes automotive product containers, including motor oil, brake fluid, brake dust sprays, antifreeze, transmission fluid, alternator fluid, etc.  Any sort of household or commercial/residential hazardous waste that needs to be thrown away in the right way. 

Household Chemicals, Cleaners

Do you have years-old hazardous garbage in a corner? Moving or renovating? We remove old paint, pesticides, household cleaners, pool chemicals, lawn care supplies, cosmetics, motor oil, and more from your garage, shed, bathroom, and kitchen sinks safely and sustainably.

Eco-Friendly Old Paint Can Disposal Service

Eco-Friendly OLD Paint Can Disposal – Los Angeles

Do you have a big stack of half-empty paint cans cluttering up the garage or alley?

Eco-Friendly Old Paint Can Disposal ServiceWe offer an easy solution for leftover paint, household chemicals, and junk removal. Responsibly disposing of old paint cans is easy when you just count on Henry’s Paint Hauling paint recycling services. We offer residential and commercial paint pickup and disposal.

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Old Paint Hauling Pasadena. CA

Our Clients Love Us

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“Responsive, courteous, professional, and fair. Henry’s Paint Hauling is a service that I would not hesitate to utilize again. I won’t even entertain the idea of calling anyone else at this point for paint pickup and removal.”

“Henry texted me pricing when I contacted them for rubbish and furniture removal. After following their advice, they came the same day. Two men who came for my disposal were punctual, polite, and efficient. I would recommend them and use them again!”

“Henry responded promptly to my request and was at my residence within an hour. He is fast, communicative, and extremely affable. We will definitely use his services again, and if you’re searching for a junk removal company, you need look no further!”

Old paint can hauling junk removal pasadena californiaWe work hard to bring you the best service

We know you need those old paint cans to go away, and we are here to help you!


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